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Texas Bowfishing Trips

Bowfishing is Addictive!

Bowfishing in Texas

Not a bad haul!

Ever since the moment my parents caved in and got me my first bowfishing bow, bowfishing has been my life. Every time I take someone who has never been bowfishing out to my favorite fishing spots, by the end of the day they have the bowfishing bug. Bowfishing combines the exhilaration and adventure of hunting and fishing into one sport. For sure once you feel the initial bowfishing adrenaline rush, you will be hooked as well.

I have over 35 years of bowfishing experience and my guide service holds MORE State and Water Body records than any other similar guide service. Between myself and my clients there has been more 200+lb fish caught from more lakes and rivers, plus all other legal species combined.

My goal is always to PUT YOU ON THE FISH. Every trip I guide, I make sure all of my guests are safe, comfortable and having a great time while shooting the most fish. I have people come back year after year and that is the best compliment of all, knowing they had such a great time that I’m the one they call when they need to “Scratch That Bowfishing Itch”.

Needle Nose Gar Bowfishing

Bowfishing for Needle Nose Gar – Nailed It!

Great For Groups

Bowfishing is a great group activity for families, friends and business associates. My boat fits 8 shooters comfortably. Non-shooters are always welcome to watch the action and take in the beautiful scenery surrounding the lakes and rivers I favor for the best shots for shooting a lot of fish.

What to Bowfish For?

On my bowfishing trips you will have a chance at all legal to catch species of fish in Texas. For example you can catch Buffalo Fish, Needle Nose Gar, Spotted Gar, Tilapia, etc. Of course if there is a specific species of fish you would like to hunt, let me know and I will take you to the appropriate body of water for the highest amount of shots at that particular type of fish.

Bowfishing for Tilapia in Texas

Bowfishing for Tilapia – A lot Better Than What You Find in the Freezer Section!

Where to Fish?

I grew up bowfishing in Texas and there isn’t a body of water that isn’t restricted or private that I haven’t checked out and / or fished on. Some are better than others for the sheer volume of shots you will have at fish. While others are more species specific. Or perhaps you have a specific spot you prefer or would like to check out, I’m willing to go anywhere in Texas.

Enjoy Your Catch

You shot it, now you can enjoy it. Most of my clients like to bring along a cooler and ice in order to take their fish home. I do recommend bringing ice because some of the locations we might go do not have anywhere close to purchase ice from.

Bowfishing for Buffalo Fish in Texas

A nice big Buffalo Fish

What You Need To Bring on Your Bowfishing Trip

All you need to bring is yourself and your Texas fishing license. Texas fishing licenses can be picked up from just about anywhere and cost $17.00 the first day and only $8.00 for each additional day for out of state residents. You can also purchase it online from the link at the bottom of this page. I have all the bowfishing gear that you will need. However, if you prefer your own bow setup as many do, you are more than welcome to bring your own. Sun screen, polarized sunglasses and snacks are all also a good idea.

No Alligator Gar on 4 Hour Bowfishing Trips

On this particular bowfishing trip we will hunt for everything that is legal to catch in the great state of Texas with the exception of Alligator Gar. If you prefer to Bowfish for Alligator Gar… we can do that. We also can do a multi-day trip going after trophy sized Alligator Gar. Learn more about bowfishing for Alligator Gar trips here.

Purchase your fishing – hunting license:

Texas Parks & Wildlife Licenses Online

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My Specialty is Trophy hunts & family fun

You want the best in Texas fishing for Alligator Gar, You found the best! I travel all over Texas and know all the best spots to hunt for the largest Alligator Gar in the state.

I am often featured on fishing shows as the EXPERT in Texas for Alligator Gar trophy catches and for local fish species trophy catches. I specialize in both Rod & Reel Fishing & Bowfishing for Alligator Gar. I also specialize in bowfishing for all other legal species in Texas.

Along with trophy hunts, plus day Bowfishing trips and rod & reel Alligator Gar fishing trips Captain Mark specializes in fun family trips. He enjoys educating on conservation and explaining about the fish your family will see on your trip.