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Are you looking for a guide with EXPERIENCE, KNOWLEDGE and more TROPHY FISH for their clients than any other Texas Fishing Guide Service... then look no further. You've just found it. With close to 40 years experience catching huge Alligator Gar. My clients from all around the globe have set and broke both water body, state and WORLD RECORD fish. We offer both BOWFISHING or ROD and REEL ANGLING. This is why they come back year after year. We have fishing packages to fit just about any budget.

Hunting Trips - Rod & Reel Angling Info

All bowfishing & rod and reel angling packages include equipment (let me know if you are a lefty or righty) & fish cleaning. There are NO hidden fees such as gas surcharges or trophy fees! You do need to purchase a fishing - hunting license: Texas Parks & Wildlife Licenses Online. 2 custom 20ft boats to choose from, either a flat bottom or air boat. Hunts can be day, night or both. Trips can be extended at customers request! I hunt anywhere in Texas.

Alligator Gar Rod & Reel Angling Trip Package

This trip targets trophy sized Alligator Gar. We can angle for Alligator Gar anywhere in Texas. We often hook and land 100lb, 150lb, 200lb plus sized Alligator Gar on a rod and reel. A typical day usually consists of landing up to 8 rod and reel caught Alligator Gar & sometimes several more. This is definitely the best way to get your picture with a Texas sized trophy Alligator Gar. $650.00 for up to 3 individuals and it is only $100.00 more per angler. My boat can hold up to 8 in your party comfortably. These trips are 8 hours long but can last longer for only $50.00 an hour more for each angler. Ride-alongs are $50 each. Deposits are $200.

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Alligator Gar Bowfishing Fishing & Hunting Trip Package Options


This trip is designed for the individuals looking for a Monster Alligator Gar, an ALPHA Trophy. At $3,900 for 2. It's all INCLUSIVE. Fishing, 2 nights lodging and meals are all included. As well as pickup to and from hotel, fishing locations and dinning. With 3 days. This gives you tremendous opportunities to connect on a trophy sized Alligator Gar. An ALPHA! Plus it allows me, your guide to move to another location if one area has slowed down due to changes in weather and conditions. Also you may include up to 2 more for just another 500 each. This trip will be LIMITED to a max of 4 if you so choose to do so.

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3 Day Alligator Gar Bowfishing Trophy Fishing Trips

Trips book FAST! WEEKENDS ARE ALMOST GONE!!! $3,000 for up to 4 individuals. Additional shooters are $200 each. This trip is available for multiple days. If you are from out of town or country, I do recommend you book for multiple days to make sure we have the time to find you your trophy Alligator Gar or as it is also known as the Pike Gar. If you're wanting to tackle a real river monster on the end of a rod & reel I'm your guide. The first gar I ever landed was on hook and line many years ago, and did I mention I was JEREMY WADES guide on RIVER MONSTERS. One of my clients holds the current WORLD RECORD caught and released saltwater alligator gar. At 7'10" and over 225lbs. Maybe you'll set the next record?

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8 Hour Alligator Gar Bowfishing Trophy Fishing Trip

Trips book FAST! WEEKENDS ARE ALMOST GONE!!! $1,100 for up to 4 individuals. Additional shooters are $200 each. On these hunts you'll get opportunities on several TROPHY Alligator Gar as well as many other legal species such as Small and Large Mouth Buffalo, Common Carp, Grass Carp, Tilapia, Shad, and all the other Gar species to name a few. This trip is available for multiple days. If you are from out of town or country, I do recommend you book for multiple days to make sure we have the time to find you your trophy Alligator Gar or as it is also known as the Pike Gar.

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6 Hour Saltwater Bowfishing Trips

We can Bowfish for all legal species anywhere in Texas along the coastline with the possible chance at some Alligator Gar, the cost is $850.00 for 4 individuals. This trip can be solo or up to 4 people. Max & legally is 6 people. $150 for each additional shooter. On my saltwater bowfishing trips we will be targeting multiple species of rays and skates such as cownose, southern rays, sheephead, flounder, skipjack, black drum as well as a STRONG POSSIBILITY of an Alligator Gar and other saltwater species of fish.

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4 Hour Bowfishing Trips

$600 for up to 4 shooters on a 4 hour trip and only $75 more per each additional person(s). This trip is often a numbers shoot just like the 8 hr trips but WITHOUT any alligator gar opportunities.

We will be going after all other gar species as well as common carp, grass carp, buffalo, tilapia, and many other types of fish. This trip would be great for the individual or individuals that just want to experience the excitement of bowfishing.

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Alligator Hunt

BE WARNED! This isn't some country club, private preserve Alligator hunting trip where you are hunting on a Alligator stocked pond. This is the REAL DEAL - TEXAS STYLE ALLIGATOR HUNT. I know the best spots because I have been hunting Alligator in Texas for many years.

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Texas Wild Hog - Wild Boar Hunts

The hogs and wild boars I go after are completely feral and living in the wild and we will need to hunt and track them down. In Texas the hogs and wild boars are smart, quick & MEAN! They make you earn your catch.

Learn More - Texas Wild Boar / Hog Hunts - Call for Pricing

Call 1-512-431-9037 or 1-469-608-1061 for pricing.

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Mark went out of his way to make us feel welcome and that the kids had a great time. He spent time explaining to them about the different fish and the best ways to catch them. We are definitely calling Mark next time we are in the Houston area.
- Mcdonald Family

I researched things to do in Houston and nothing really stood out, I didn't want to do the same old boring dinner wining & dining. I invited my client on a rod & reel trip on the weekend before a big meeting and it was a blast. The is seriously no better way to get to know a client than over a few beers hanging out fishing. DEAL CLOSED!!!
- Adam S.

I always wanted to catch a Alligator Gar after I saw Mark on Discovery. I ended up with over 10 of them! And they were a pretty good size. Mark was great at spotting them in the water and showing me how he finds them just like on Discovery. Next time I go out I want to shoot for a trophy Gar.
- Brad N.

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My Specialty is Trophy hunts & family fun

You want the best in Texas fishing for Alligator Gar, You found the best! I travel all over Texas and know all the best spots to hunt for the largest Alligator Gar in the state.

I am often featured on fishing shows as the EXPERT in Texas for Alligator Gar trophy catches and for local fish species trophy catches. I specialize in both Rod & Reel Fishing & Bowfishing for Alligator Gar. I also specialize in bowfishing for all other legal species in Texas.

Along with trophy hunts, plus day Bowfishing trips and rod & reel Alligator Gar fishing trips Captain Mark specializes in fun family trips. He enjoys educating on conservation and explaining about the fish your family will see on your trip.